Kick off my Sunday Shoes

I am fully on board the colored shoes for brides bandwagon.  I might be even steering that train.  (I have no idea what that means either).  Now I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of fun colored shoes.  Unfortunately I have a couple of obstacles on my hunt.  First off my wedding colors aren't fun shoes colors.  As a refresher the wedding colors are navy, grey, khaki, white and a splash of orange.  Shockingly orange shoes are not so popular on

My other problem is I really want to wear heels.  But we are getting married in the grass and I am only a couple inches shorter than Mr. Cucumber Sammie.  I am sure I can find cute flats but I spend every day in flats.  High heels make me feel more dressed up.  As an added bonus, I think they make my posture better.  I know this is going to sound like the worst reason in the world but I also really want pictures like this:
Isn't she lovely {Image and Photo by Todd Pellowe Photography}
I started my shoe search at Zappos in the flats section.  I found a couple that were contenders but they don't make my heart soar like those gorgeous shoes above.
I actually really like these {Calvin Klein}
New York Ollie {Kate Spade}
Felice {Dolce Vita}
After trudging around in the flats section I decided to just take a peek at the heels to see if there was anything I liked.  I checked the box for under 2 inch heels in hopes that will keep me sufficiently shorter than Mr. Cucumber Sammie.  Thanks to Zappos amazing return policy, I might have to order some of these shoes just to try them on.  In the name of research of course.
Olinda {Caparros}
Madora {Vaneli}
 Culver {Nina}
Adalynn {RSVP}
Djalma {Vaneli}
After seeing them all together like this it is obvious that I have a type, navy peep-toe.  My favorites are the Calvin Klein flats, the Caparros Olinda and the Vaneli Madora.  I will probably just order all three and see which ones I like best.  Who knows, I might become a three shoe bride!

Where did you find your shoes?  Did you include anything in your wedding just because of the pretty pictures?


  1. OOO I kinda like the navy wedges and those are heels and would be easy to walk in the grass. I just ordered my shoes and they are four inch stupid that I didn't even think if I would be taller than Groomzilla..hope I don't have to return them!! Flats will also be more comfortable for you too!! But I totally agree with you on the picture situation..I want fun pics too with my shoes and rings.

  2. I'm with you on the pretty shoe pictures. Those are a must! Does a navy shoe count as your something blue?

  3. I love the ruffles on those navy shoes!

  4. do they make the vaneli madora in navy?? if so - that's my vote!