Sad Panda

Mr. LP and I have had our first RSVP decline and we haven't even sent out the invitations yet.  I was not naive enough to think that everyone we invited could make it to the wedding but their reason makes me a sad panda.
so sad (source)
They can't come to the wedding because our wedding is on a Sunday night and they can't get Monday off.  I am sure all weddings have the possibility of not being convenient every single guest but I feel a little sad and slightly guilty.

When we started our venue search, we knew Congress Hall was out of the budget but we (and by we, I mean me) R.E.A.L.L.Y. wanted to get married there.  The venue fit in our budget if we got married on a Friday or a Sunday so we compromised by picking a Sunday.  It is a holiday weekend so we hoped that most people would have Monday off but we knew there was a possibility that not everyone would.

We booked our venue so long ago and I don't think fully processed how a Sunday wedding would effect our guest availability.  I was just drunk on Congress Hall love.  I know our families wouldn't miss the wedding for the world but we didn't make it easy on anyone.  Now that the invitations are about to go out I am slightly regretting the decision to have the wedding on a Sunday.  I love our wedding and venue almost as much as Mr. LP but that doesn't stop me from having pangs of guilt that we picked a date which was suited us and not necessarily our guests.

It was almost as though we decided to 'cross that bridge when we came to it' about the Sunday night wedding.  Well we are at the bridge now and I feel guilty looking back at our guests.

Please tell me someone else has made a decision about the wedding that was totally about what you wanted and may be inconvenient for your guests?!?


  1. I'm right with you. I wanted 11.11.11 which happens to be a Friday but not everyone gets Veterans' Day off. As it gets closer I'm starting to feel guilty about the inconvenience for some guests.

  2. I chose to get married where I live now which is in family all lives back up north. I knew my family would travel anywhere but knew our orlando friends may not travel to CT because its so I felt selfish making ALLLL my family travel to Orlando and spend all that money!

  3. FYI I just about DIED laughing about your story of "Why Lemon Puppy" SOOOO stinking cute! Can't believe she locked herself in the bathroom! There was a point where our dog was in that cone too like every other month! My legs were bruised from him hitting against them all the time!

  4. My college roommate is getting married on a Fridya, 3000 miles away, so I need Wednesday and Thursday off. But she was in the love with the venue. No date is ever going to work for everyone. You did the right thing.