LEGEN-wait for it- DARY

Thankfully groomsmen don't need as much time for attire as bridesmaids because we have been moving slowly on this one.  There used to be only one option for guys at a wedding.... the rental tuxedo!  I am so excited that Mr. Cucumber Sammie can have his pick of outfits now and doesn't just have to stick with the tux.

We could go with just vests:
Yes to Khaki {Image via Wedding Window/Photo from Shyla Photography}
Very Dapper!{Image via WedLoft/Photo by Megan W}
We could go with sports jacket over tan pants.  I think this look is adorable but it doesn't really fit Mr. CS, his groomsmen or our venue.  Oh well.
Love that orange tie {Image via TheKnot/Photo by Blue Daisy}

In the end though we decided to go with a grey suit.  A suit is more casual than the tux and I think grey is more of an early fall color than black.  Plus grey is one of our wedding colors... bonus!
Too Light {Image via Trend Setting Wedding/Photo by Red Ribbon Studio}
Just Right ({Image via TheKnot/Photo by Elizabeth Messina}
Originally we thought about having all the groomsmen just wear a grey suit.  Then we realized all the different color variations of grey (who knew?) and thought about having them all buy grey suits.  I have know a couple of brides who have done this; gotten all the measurements, gone to one of those buy 1 get 1 suit sales and just picked them all up to be reimbursed later.  We thought about doing that for a while but in the end we decided it would be easiest for Mr. Cucumber Sammie to buy his suit and the rest of the groomsmen to rent one.

So we were off to find a suit for Mr. CS!  On Memorial Day weekend we hit up the Premier Outlets hoping to capitalize on their huge sales.  With stores like Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Barney's Factory Outlet, and Off Saks we knew we would find a quality suit.  And what do you know, the first store we went in Mr. Cucumber Sammie found his suit!
Just like this.... only more handsome{Brooks Brothers}
He is getting a two button grey suit from Brooks Brothers.  It was originally about $400 and he got it for the low price of about $200.  Winning!  He won't tried it on for me because I think he is secretly keeping his wedding day outfit a surprise too.

Coming up... the joys of trying to find grey rental suits.


  1. I was thinking of doing grey suits too but then he was think black suits. Sigh. I'm looking forward to reading about your experience with the rentals. I totally lost on this one. Great job with the BB deal!

  2. We were thinking of doing grey suits as well..I love the darker charcoal grey..Very handsome!

  3. Totally picturing Barney Stinson at your wedding now. If only...!

  4. LOVE the title of this post...love HIMYM! the gray looks fantastic, excellent choice :)

    1. The gray suits look perfect for the wedding. Not too formal. I also love the orange tie picture. :)

      Kylee Smith
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