I say Cucumber, You say Sandwich

CUCUMBER.............                              !

CUCUMBER................                           !

You know that feeling when you have something super exciting happen but your day needs to continue as normal and you kind of forget about it.  But then every once in a while you remember and you do a spastic little dance while grinning like a Cheshire Cat.  That was me all day today!

Why was I breaking out into dance and maniacal laughter?  Bee-cause I am a Bee!! I got the email from Pengy at 11pm last night.  Thankfully I am a dork and was fast asleep by 9pm otherwise I never would have gotten in my full 9 hours.

doing what I do best!
When I finally opened the email this morning I immediately ran upstairs and jumped on Mr. Cucumber Sandwich like a kid at Christmas declaring “I AM A BEE!!  GET OUT OF BED SO WE CAN PICK OUR ICON.”  All morning I pranced around our house singing ‘I am a bee, I am a bee’ leading Mr. Cucumber Sandwich to hesitantly say ‘I’m a bee too’.  He is so adorable.  WE are bees!

Who are the Cucumber Sandwiches?  We met during/after college.  I was during, he was after.  Our first date was a cute little bookstore in downtown Washington, DC.  I told Mr. Cucumber Sammie I knew where it was, trying to act cool, but ultimately had no idea where I was going and had to take a cab what ending up being only 6 blocks from my house.  I still remember what I wore and what I ordered even though it was 6 years ago.  (Tan corduroys, green sweater and quesadillas). 

Mr. Cucumber Sandwich grew up near the coal mines of West Virginia and I am a suburbanite from just outside Philadelphia.  He likes to get a ‘feeling’ about something and I am a researcher/list maker!  He loves sports and I love Peyton Manning (only because he is cute).  We both love to snuggle on the couch with our chronically ill or injured puppy.  I refer to her as a ‘lemon’ but now she is our little ‘pickle sandwich’.
The Pickle
Why Miss Cucumber Sandwich?  Well I like to think of myself as cool as a cucumber.  Wow, I had trouble just writing that sentence because it is a complete lie.  Let’s try again.  Both the mister and I L.O.V.E. sandwiches.  We will put almost anything between two slices of bread; eggs, chicken, hot dogs, tuna and even spaghetti from time to time.  Not to mention the icon is completely adorable.

We are planning an October 2011 wedding at the southern most tip of New Jersey in historic Cape May.  Sandwiched between my birthday bash the night before the wedding (you read that right, my birthday is the day before our wedding) and our Victorian goodbye brunch we are going to have one amazing ceremony and reception!

I can’t wait to share with you all the details I have so lovingly obsessed over for the last 15 months.  

Stay Cool!  xoxox
Ms. Cucumber Sammie


  1. Congrats!!! Can't wait to read you over on the Bee!!! :-)

  2. Congrats! That's beee-utiful news!!!

  3. I just saw you on the bee and had to stop by your blog! Congratulations, so exciting!!

  4. Congrats! It seems like EVERYONE I read are becoming bees! (Gazelle, Magic...)

    On an unrelated note, I'm looking to sell my E Wall Wash lights (discussed on my blog: The IKEA Bride), and I remember you showing some interest in purchasing them. If you're still interested, I'm selling all six lights for $300 plus shipping (which I calculated out to be $8.75). They're in perfect working order. Let me know if you'd like them! You can send me an email at kellyebenton (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I thought I'd reach out to the bloggers who showed interest before I posted them on the Weddingbee Classifieds. :)