Suit Fail!

The groomsmen suit search is turning out to be a disaster.  Who knew that you can't rent grey suits or grey tuxedos?!?  Alright, that might be a little dramatic but the pickings are slim.  Almost everywhere either has a tuxedo in a light grey or nothing.  I thought we had a suit picked and prematurely crossed groomsmen suits off my to do list but now it looks like we are back as square one. 

I left Mr. Cucumber Sammie (mistake #1; love you sweetie) in charge of finding the suits since he has way more experience in this area.  He searched all your typical sites like Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank.  After a night of looking, he declared the suits found.  Men are so efficient.  We made an appointment to see the suit in person at Jos. A. Banks this weekend.

As it turns out even though we had an appointment to see the suit they didn't have it in stock.  The salesperson just gave us a book of pictures of the various rental options.  We were told that we would have to order it to be able to see it in person.  Call me crazy but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  Pressing on, Mr. Cucumber Sammie decided he liked the suit and we would just move forward with ordering it.  The suit in question:

The Lexington Stroller {Jos. A Banks}
The picture makes the jacket seem more purpley than grey but trust me it is grey.  The only obstacle with the suit is the pants are a lighter color and striped.  I am not a fan but apparently Mr. Cucumber Sammie likes them.  He conceded and agreed to get the pants in plain grey to match the jacket.  While researching this post I figured out they don't give you the option of plain grey.  Uh oh.

After some quick searching I found they have another grey suit.
Jean Yves {Jos. A Banks}
Mr. Cucumber Sammie originally rejected that suit because of the shiny fabric on the lapel.  We might have to reconsider though because this is looking like one of our best options.  Is it too nit-picky to say no to a suit because of a tiny bit of fabric?

We do have a third option which is to have all the groomsmen buy a matching suit.  I noticed that a lot of the big suit stores are having buy one get one free sales or 50% off.  That might put some of these suits in the same price range as renting a tux.  But they get to keep it, bonus!  I could collect all their measurements and we could purchase all the suits at the same time to ensure matching.

I need your help!  Do I go with:
Option 1. The lexington stroller; the suit Mr. CS originally picked and I just let it go about the stripped pants?
Option 2. The Jean Yves; try to look past the lapel and hope I won't even notice it on the wedding day?
Option 3. Purchase suits; deal with the hassle of getting all the measurements and reimbursement but will probably have the best grey suit?

Please help!


  1. Mr. ST was just in a wedding where the GM were required to purchase a suit from Jos. A Bank. He loved it. The Groom them gifted the guys the shirt, tie, and cuff links they wore in the wedding. It was great. Mr. ST said it was better than renting a tux. I say have the guys purchase suits. You can sign up for emails from Jos. A Bank and know when they are having great sales.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as SandyToes!! If you choose the first two options you will look back at pictures and notice and or regret the choice you made for the guys. Just make sure he is up on the guys for getting measured and reimbursed, etc.!