Diamonds are a Girl's BFF

Bring on the wedding jewels!  But first.....
If you are not getting married to me in October please follow me after the jump.


A couple of weeks ago I ordered some bracelets off ebay for the low, low price of $15 total (I love me so ebay!)  The eagle has landed and I have my bracelets in hand!  They took way less time then expected since they were traveling all the way from China.  For the price, I am quite pleased with the quality.  While the bracelets won't be family heirlooms they will definitely get me through the wedding.

Pretty!  Originally I thought I would go with the second bracelet.  However I am so glad that I ordered both and tried them both on.  The second bracelet is just a little too big and slides up and down my arm.  It also jingles and swings around.  It is fine now but I imagine it would get distracting/annoying on wedding day.

I also ordered earrings last week and they just arrived!  The earrings came from The Aisle New York.  If you haven't been to this website, go there... now!  I will wait.  It is a discount website for bridal wear.  They have dresses, jewelry, veils, and even sashes.  I ordered the TI ADORO Pearl and Pave earrings.  They are gorgeous!
{Aisle New York} no longer available
Resting in their box
Hello Lovelies
Creepy close up of my ear
The earrings go with either bracelet so no conflicts on that front.  I am still debating wearing plain studs since I rarely wear drop earrings.  The drop earrings do make me feel more fancy though.  No necklace for this bride so unless I change to the studs I can officially check jewelry off my list!

How much do you love The Aisle New York?  Any opinion on the great stud vs. drop earring debate of 2011?


  1. Love all your jewlwery. I am definitely headed over to the aisle of NY. I stuck between studs or dropdowns too so I will be NOOOO help!!

  2. Omg whHy didn't I know about this website beforrre my wedding?! I looove your earrings- and $15 for those braclets? That's amazing. Ok, going to check out aisle new york now!!