Websites to Wed By

Since we are having a semi-destination wedding, Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I decided that it would be helpful for our guests if we set up a wedding website.  At first the bridal side of my brain kicked in and I was convinced that I was going to build my own website from scratch!  I didn't earn that A in 7th grade typing for nothing.

I spent a couple of days googling 'how to build a website' and it just seemed way too complicated.  And there was a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon on which was way more appealing.  After my realization that building a website with no prior experience was a crazy idea, I started searching for a template we liked.

I checked out MyWedding, TheKnot and Brides.  I was not thrilled with any of their templates.  I wanted something simple and that didn't look too much like a wedding website.  I wanted a wedding website that didn't look like a generic wedding website.  As I type that I realize how insane that sounds.  I also contemplated making my own template and website through blogger.  Mrs. Ostrich has a wonderful tutorial on how to build one.

Finally I found our perfect template at WeddingWire.  I was just about to give up and there it was... in our wedding colors..... and free!  Does it get any better than free when you are planning a wedding?
Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I spent a couple of nights adding our own content.  We wanted to get it out before our save the dates so it was just some quick pages.  We included: About Us, Directions, Accommodations, Registry, Contact Us and my favorite page Music Request.  Guests can fill out a form and send us their music requests.  Of course my lovely sisters sent things like Justin Bieber and Hanson.  They are so C U T E.

The final touch for our website was a custom domain name.  We wanted something easy for our guests to remember and short to put on the invites.  We purchased the domain through  It was incredibly easy and cheap.  I believe it was about $12 for the whole year.  And eventually I could move my blog to that name too. had instructions for how to mask the old name and direct guests from our custom domain.

In my mind having a custom domain makes it seem like we did a lot more work for this website than we really did.  Until I post this, guests might be really impressed with my computer skills!

Any projects you did that seem more ambitious than they really were?  Do you create a wedding website?


  1. Awesome!! Yes creating a website from scratch is not so easy...I wish it was. I finaly succombed and created a website too. We should have purchased our own domain name too..I didn't know it was that cheap!

  2. Thanks for the info that domain names are that cheap! I still have plenty of time before I need to get ours done. Glad to know the pre-made route is best.

  3. We did the same thing weddingwie + godaddy = cheap and easy!