I got some exciting news yesterday..... I am going to be a bee!!  Just in case you aren't obsessively reading wedding blogs like I am, a bee is someone who writes for the website 

I am so thrilled to be accepted but that means there might be some changes around the LemonPuppy.  First I am now going to be writing as Miss Cucumber Sandwich instead of Ms. LP.  Mr. LP is still taking his time to come up with the abbreviation he wants to use.  'A very important decision' he informs me. 

Also posting might be light the next couple of days while I give the weddingbee readers a chance to catch up on all the wedding plans.  I am sorry.  Don't worry I will be back soon in full force with lots of stories about bridal showers, the cookie table, embarrassing bachelorette invites, and of course the LemonPuppy.

Thank you all for reading these last couple of months!



  1. Aww Congrats! So exciting for you!

  2. ummm bachelorette invites were AMAZING not embarassing! xoxo