Stamp It Out

Alternative Title: A Ploy to Post Tons of Pictures of my Furbaby

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I love our furbaby (most days).  However she is a complete menace and is not invited to the wedding.  This makes Mr. CS sad.  But we have been searching for ways to include her in the wedding.

There are so many cute options for including furbabies.  Some brides have done doggie cake toppers.
{Etsy Seller BitterSweetz}
Maybe custom puppy invitations.
{Etsy Seller LeighFelicity}
Or even adorable escort cards.
{Etsy Seller CuddleCreatures}
The other day Mama CS had the best idea ever!  What about custom Pickle Puppy stamps for our RSVP postcards?!?  This way guests can catch a glimpse of her when they mail back their card and we can enjoy getting mail with Pickle Puppies smiling face.  I was thinking about putting them on the invitation themselves but I arbitrarily decided more people would check the RSVP for a stamp than the invite.  Now to pick a picture.

Perhaps cute and sentimental?

Or fun and playful?
Fall themed to represent our wedding season?
Can you find the pickle?
And then I found it.  The perfect picture that represents exactly what we want our guests to feel at our wedding.
Ta Da!  Clearly the Pickle Puppy has had the time of her life and can barely keep her eyes open from all the fun.  Exactly how we want our guests to leave the Cucumber Sammie wedding!

I uploaded the picture to Zazzle and just a short 10 days later I had custom stamps in my hands.
Oh she is so cute.  And the Pickle Puppy stamp in action.
You see that correctly, those are the backs of our RSVPs, meaning invitation reveal coming soon!

How did you include your pets in the wedding?  Is it too late to un-spoil a 2 year old dog?


  1. OMG I Just showed this to Groomzilla and he WANTS to do puppy stamps too!!! YAY we have been trying to incorporate Jack in the wedding but he is too much a handful too!! Thanks for this wonderful idea!!

  2. 29 cents? Is that all it costs to mail a postcard??

    But really. Those are adorable and so is your puppy. I want to take a nap with her.