Like a Hurricane

As someone who works in a school, I spend countless hours watching and reading about the weather especially during the winter.  This hurricane coming up the coast could provide me with a day or two off so I have been tracking it with the diligence of Al Roker. 
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On the news this morning they were interviewing a bride as she was loading up her car to be evacuated from the Outer Banks.  Her wedding venue/site fell within the madatory evacuation area.  As I watched her story I saw the ticker at the bottom of the screen list Cape May County as another evacuation area.  Since I sometimes have the mental capacity of a 7 year old, I immediately thought about me and my wedding.  A hurricane taking over our wedding day will probably now haunt my dreams.

What amazed me about the interview was how calmly the bride was reacting to the news.  I probably wouldn't have been able to be on camera because I would have been blubbering and sobbing about my day being ruined.  This bride just shrugged her shoulders and said 'it is what it is'.  She talked about how at the end of the day they just wanted to get married and they were going to drive inland to look for somewhere to do just that.  I retold the story to MamaCS expecting the same reaction that I had (sheer horror), but MamaCS told me about a friend whose daughter got married during last winter's snow-mageddon.  She said the friend knocked on some doors, invited the neighbors and it was a great party!
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I swear I have a point and it seems to be that my wedding is going to be entirely what I make of it.  Mrs. Trail Mix, Mrs. Fro-yo and Mrs Tiramisu (especially Mrs. Tiramisu!) all weathered the weather and I should too.  Not only did they handle the uncontrollable events on their wedding day with grace and poise but they threw an awesome party.  If you are having a good time despite the hiccups then your guests will too!  While having to be evacuated for my wedding might be an extreme situation, it may rain for my outdoor ceremony.  I am not going to say there is nothing I can do about it because there is..... I can maintain my positive attitude and guests will probably follow suite.  I will still be surrounded by friends and family for an out-of-control party and I will have just married Mr. Cucumber Sandwich.  You can't ask for anything better than that.  

In case anyone is getting married this weekend I found you an entrance song.
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Anyone else worried about weather for the big day?  Married bees, how did you deal with poor weather?

*P.S.  Everyone stay safe out there this weekend!*

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  1. My friend had to cancel his wedding this weekend. The venue is small and they will be able to reschedule. I feel so bad but they are taking it well.

    But really, you can't worry about these things. In the end, as long as you are safe and happy and together, that's all that matters.