Designer Shoes and Tie-Dye

Before I mentioned that it was hard to find orange shoes so I was thinking about getting either navy or gray as my colorful shoe choice.  I am never one to back down from a challenge however!  Unless it involved working out and going to the grocery store all in one day.... that is just way too much.  Spending hours looking for shoes online though is definitely something I can do.

All my typical shoe sites were leading to dead ends in orange department so I needed to resort to unconventional methods.  MamaCS had a light bulb moment and started pushing dyeable shoes.  The thought of dyeable shoes conjured images of prom. 
{Yeah Ugly 90s Clothes}
That is me on the right.  I was very skeptical until I stumbled upon My Glass Slipper.  I think I have gone to heaven, dyeable designer shoes!  I could get Kate Spade, Paris Hilton or Badgley Mischka shoes in bright orange.  Winning!
{Clarice by Kate Spade from My Glass Slipper}
You can order shoes through their 'try and dye' program.  They will ship you the shoes in white or ivory for you to try on.  If the shoes work then send them back to be dyed, easy peasy!  After searching through all their amazing options I ordered the Cherie by Grazia.
{Cherie by Grazia from My Glass Slipper}
I am so sad to report that yesterday I had to send these shoes back.  Unfortunately they seemed like the perfect shoe but were too tall for my dress.  They were advertised as a 3.5 inch heel but my seamstress said they were more like 4.5 inches.  My dream shoes were no more.

All is not lost though.  I took a nap (because shoe shopping is hard) and am feeling completely revitalized.  I found my way over to Nina Shoes.  Did you know you can design your own shoes on their website?!  I have found two options that I am unreasonable excited about.  May I present Fulvia and Kyleen...

{DYO Fulvia by Nina}

{DYO Kyleen by Nina}
I am leaning towards the Kyleen.  They are so simple and pretty with their little knot.  I am a little bit gun shy about ordering them because they seem taller than the 3.5 inch advertised height and after losing the last shoe to too-tall-ness, I am nervous. 

Which shoe do you prefer?  Know of any fantastic orange shoes floating around the interweb?  Any other brides go with the dyeable shoe option?


  1. I like the kyleen too..and love that you are wearing orange shoes!

  2. Kyleen's got my vote. The heel doesn't look as tall as the Cherie, but it's so hard to tell online. But whatever you do, don't give up on your orange shoe quest. A new season is coming. Maybe orange will adorn the new fall lines!

  3. OMGEE! I love love love the orange shoe idea! I have to be the odd man out, though, and vote for the Fulvia just because it looks more comfortable! They're both equally as cute, though!

  4. i like both, but the fulvia looks like a shorter heel!

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