Come Clean

I have been showered with love.  A couple of weeks ago my fabulous aunts (MamaCS sisters) threw me a bridal shower in Hot-Lanta.  Almost all of the CukeSammie Aunties live in Atlanta so to make it easy they brought me to them instead of them traveling to me. 

The shower was absolute perfection.  It was a two part party blow-out.  In the morning the CS Aunties hosted the Pampered Chef.  I had vaguely heard of this prior to the shower but I guess this type of 'party ' is very popular in the south.  There is a pampered chef consultant who comes to your house, demonstrates a whole bunch of products, makes yummy food and takes your order.  I am getting a head of myself though so lets start at the beginning.... I got dressed.
 Yes, I am one of those brides who dressed in my wedding colors.  Some people may say dorky, I say awesome!  Notice the orange shoes with the navy cardigan.  My aunts didn't think it was classy enough though so gave me some bridal flair.
Bride to be apron.... check!  Now I am ready.  Bring on the shower!

Our pampered chef consultant contacted me prior to the shower and asked me to create a registry of their products.  Kristine (the consultant) reviewed my list and brought many of the things I registered for to show me and demonstrate their use.  Even better was that she used the kitchen wares to create delicious yummies for us.
Mmmm trifle
I mostly stood in the back, made weird faces and pretended to help.  I got to test out products and tweak my registry.  Awesome-sauce.
My thought process here is 'I will never be able to recreate this'
After the demonstration we all sat down to a light lunch and Kristine pulled me aside to let me know what had been purchased on my behalf.  The best part was that she was shipping it right to my house here in DC so I didn't have to carry anything home on the plane.  Ideal!  I would highly recommend this type of shower for any long distance brides.  It was so nice to not have to cart anything home but in a week or two have fun goodies show up on my door step!
Lovely light lunch
After the Pampered Chef party we took a break from the festivities and went in search of MamaCS's MOB dress.  We were unsuccessful but found her the greatest hot pink jacket for another wedding she is going to this summer.  Then it was off to party #2.  There was a light dinner and of course the favorite party game of brides every where.
Toilet paper dresses!  My team won with the design on the left.  We were inspired by the Kate Middleton wedding dress.  Hotlanta truly lived up to its name!  What a wonderful weekend from the CS Aunties.

Have you ever been to a pampered chef party?  Tell me about your bridal shower!

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  1. Too funny with those dresses..looks like a great day!