I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

I have my hair and make-up trial coming up this weekend and I am excited/nervous or nercited!  I am super excited to start having my bridal look come together but I booked Creations by Mia without a trial first.  Hence my being nervous.  One thing I am sure will help with my nerves is to have a clear picture of what I am looking for in my hair style. 

I knew I want to wear my hair up since our wedding is going to be by the ocean and there is 'shore' (hahah) to be a breeze.  I don't like hair blowing all over my face so up it is!  I am looking for something in the low chignon category. 

{Photo from Brides.ca/Hair by Beauty A Go-Go}
This is almost exactly what I am looking for.  Clean, neat but still has a little drama to it.  I call it "ballerina at play".
{Image from Beautiful Hairstyles/ Photo by Dimitri Sherman}
I love this one too but I think it is a little more loopy and structured than I would imagine my hair.

Last two inspiration pictures came from the Hive!  The ever lovely Mrs. Tarlet and the stunning Mrs. Cowboy boots!
{Mrs. Tarlet/Photo by Photo by Aruna B. Photography / Hair by Posh Studio}
{Mrs. Cowboy Boots/Photo by Tec Petaja}
I love both of their hair so much.  Very classy and elegant.  I only plan on giving Mia four inspiration photos hoping not to overwhelm her.  I think my inspiration is pretty consistent through the photos so hopefully 4 will be enough!

It is going to be a big weekend because I am having my make-up trial too!  Two inspiration missions for the price of one.  My make-up request was pretty simple.  I want my bridal glow to shine through so lots of peaches and dewy-ness.  When looking for inspiration I first had to rack my brain for which actresses have dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes.  I don't know why it took me so long but I finally remembered on of my favorites... Zooey Deschanel!

{The Weird Fishes}
{TV Commercial Songs}
{Idol Image}
She looks so natural and stunning in all these photographs.  I have absolute faith that Mia will transform me into Zooey with a low chignon this weekend.

Any one else have a hair/make-up trial recently?  How did it go?  And how much to you love Zooey/want to be her in that cotton commercial?

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