Head Over Heels

This weekend was my hair and make-up trial.  I am so excited to report that it went fabulously.  Bring on the pictures!

I can't believe I am about to post these for the world to see but here are my before:
Sammie Sister took my picture while I was staring in the sun.  I am completely making excuses because I look like a hot mess!  Please scroll quickly.
Hair before, freshly unwashed and unkempt.  I think I might have managed to run a comb through it but that could go either way.

And the after!
I got a little overzealous in the middle of the trial and told Mia that 'of course I wear eyeliner under my eyes, all the time'.  Blatant lie!  I must have gotten caught up in the moment because I have no idea why I said that.  I am going to tell Mia on the wedding day I don't want my bottom lashes lined or at least not that heavy.  Even though it is really pretty and dramatic, it is not the bridal look I was hoping to achieve.

Onward and upward to the hair!

The hair from all angles.  Unfortunately it is hard to tell from the pictures all the fantastic loops and twists that Mia managed to create.  It looked great in person!  You also get a first glimpse at my hair piece.  I am a no veil bride and so all I will be wearing on my wedding day is that delicate hair comb.
{Etsy seller ChantalEveleen}
At first I was a little apprehensive about not wearing a veil because when else am I going to get to wear one?  Then I thought about it and realized I could technically wear a veil whenever I wanted; my child's christening, the Kentucky Derby, Prince Harry's wedding while I watch at home on my couch or even out in the garden if my heart desired.  Just because I can wear a veil on my wedding day doesn't mean I have to!  I think having no veil at an outdoor beach wedding is going to be much easier. 

Anyone else have a hair trial this weekend?  Lets hear it for no-veil brides!


  1. Oh, I think you look just beautiful! Congrats on a great trial. My friend was a no veil bride this weekend and she looked perfect. I'm sure you will too, especially it is outdoors at the beach. Awesome!!

  2. You look fantastic!! I have my trial next month or October, I can't wait... I hope it goes as good as yours did.

  3. Both are gorgeous, and I was gonna say the same thing, your eyes look AMAZING!