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I think our engagement story suits us as a couple.  It is convoluted and a little accident prone but very sweet and sentimental.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie is going to kill me for starting at the beginning but if I left it out I wouldn't be telling the whole truth. 

Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I started talking about getting engaged a while ago.  We discussed what kind of ring would I want and when he would ask.  If I am going to throw him under the bus in a minute I might was well be honest about myself as well; I was not the most patient bride-to-be.  I got a little antsy towards the end and might have started nagging.  It was not pretty.  Mr. CucSandwich got the not so subtle hint and got me a ring. 

He couldn't decide when to pop the question so he carried the ring around in his pocket for a while where I promptly found it.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I found the ring before he proposed.  In my defense it was not my fault (I blame the pickle puppy).  I went to take the dog out and grabbed the first jacket I saw off the coat rack.  It turned out to be his jacket and I would have thought nothing of the bulges in the pocket had he not panicked. 
Image via Upstate NY Sports

Of course I gave him the crazy eye and took off his jacket.  About five minutes later he was clearly still thinking about it and gave me some excuse for flipping out (I think it had something to do with important USBs).  Once he realized I was not buying it, he fessed up and told me he had the ring.  Declaring that I had ruined it, he said he was going to wait to propose until I forgot about it.  (How naive to think that any woman could forget about a diamond).

All this happened in February 2010 and true to his word he waited.  Every time we went out to dinner or had a nice evening planned I thought 'this is it'.  At this point almost two months have gone by of constant vigilance from me.  Finally the moment I least expected it, Mr. Cucumber Sammie asked me to marry him. 

It was a Saturday morning and I was in my glasses, painting sweatshirt and sweat pants.  I must really love you, hive, if I am going to share the pictures of my 'just engaged' outfit.

Every girl's dream engagement outfit
Mr. CucSandwich was supposed to be taking the puppy out and I was in the kitchen making cream of wheat.  I was yelling for him to tell me what he wanted on his when I whirled around and there he was on one knee.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie gave me the most sincere and loving speech about how he had thought long and hard about where he wanted to do this.  He thought about fancy restaurants and surprises but he realized he wanted to do it here in our home where our family first started.  Hopefully my answer is obvious!
Mr. CucSammie reenacting the proposal 
After all the excitement and fanfare we sat down to a lovely breakfast of cream of wheat!  We waited a couple of hours to just spend time together before we called family and friends.  It was an amazing way to start the weekend.

Did anyone else have a morning proposal?  Accidentally find the ring? Coming up next: the Ring!

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