Sweet Surrender

Since our venue is over budget (but totally worth it), we have been trying to come up with ways to cut costs in other areas.  There are a couple of DIY projects that I am working on that will hopefully save some money but not my sanity.  Another way we are trying to save is by coming up with cost saving solutions with our vendors. 

One of our last vendors we booked was the florist.  I have been researching my little blogger butt off and I think our estimated budget is going to be too low.  Uh oh, not good.  I am have been looking at ways to save money on flowers and I think a big money suck comes from the bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres.  My first big idea was to have just one flower for the bouquets.
Image and floral design via GrandiFlora
I don't think even single flower bouquets could save our flower budget.  My next plan either makes me a wedding genius or a wedding failure.....Baby's Breathe!  I believe it is inexpensive and it actually looks really nice.
Image via Bouquet Bridal/ Photo by You Look Nice Today
Image via Bouquet Bridal/ Photo from Real Simple
It depends on the caliber of the florist but I think they could look really great or really tacky.  I need some more opinions though.  Do the bouquets look like little clouds of heaven or cheap filler flower from the 90's?!  Help!
Image via Bouquet Bridal/ Photo from Sedona Bride
Image via Bouquet Bridal/ Photo by James Bass
I can't decide.  But while researching I found I am by no means the first bee to have this idea: Buttons, D'orsay Strawberry, Joey, Powder Puff.  I guess I will be in good company!


  1. i think it would be beautiful! i saw a picture of this recently...i'll try to find it. ps, i'm stalking you, can you tell!?

  2. I think you are so right about it coming down to the caliber of the florist. Those pictures look awesome but I could also see how it could go terribly wrong. I think it's a super cute and... dare I say... economical idea.

  3. I think it would look great! Classic. No reason to blow your budget!

  4. The last My Fair Wedding that was on had baby's breath as the centerpiece flowers. Of course it was over the top because they were stuck into ice sculpture trees. He didn't use then as bouquets but they looked really nice at the place settings.