What a Difference a Day Makes

Picking our wedding date turned out to be a happy accident.  Originally when Mr. CucSandwich and I first thought about getting engaged (many, many, many, many years ago), we imagined a fall of 2010 wedding.  Sadly the time frame we talked about for him to propose came and went.  He did not put a ring on it.  
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So after calm discussions (hahaha) we decided to move the wedding back to the fall of 2011.  When we did get engaged there would not have been enough time to plan and save for a wedding.  There wasn't any reason for us to stress about the wedding before planning even began so we just pushed it back a year. Having a wedding in the fall was my idea and Mr. CucSandwich has been gracious enough to go along with it.

The day we got engaged, my fifth phone call of the morning was to my dream wedding venue (coming soon!).  After getting sample prices back from the venue, I realized maybe my dream venue was perhaps too much of a dream.  Sensing my dismay Mr. CucSandwich was determined to make it work and suggested either a Friday night or a Sunday on a holiday weekend when the rates were lower.  With a huge amount of luck the venue was open on Sunday of a holiday weekend in the fall!! 
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So really the venue dictated our date more than we did but in the end it turned out fantabulously (it's a word).  We didn't have an attachment to any date in particular so this is fine by us.

How did you pick your wedding date?

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