From a Whisper to a Scream

Last night I had one of many wedding nightmares.  I have had them before but this one was particularly disturbing.
I dreamed I was wearing this (source)
Just kidding.  The wedding nightmare started out like almost any of them.  It was my wedding day and nothing had turned out the way I had envisioned it.  Instead of decorations, there were these styrofoam curly pool noodles going up the aisle.  There was curling ribbon all over (the type used for packages not beautiful satin ribbon).  I was running around trying to tell people that this was not how it was supposed to go at all!  The florist was putting table runners down in shades of neon green.  

At this point in the dream, I thought to myself 'It will be ok, this is just a wedding nightmare'.  I must have said it out loud because someone then replied.  'No it isn't, this is your wedding day.'  At which time I proceeded to hyperventilate.  Never before have I acknowledged in a dream that it was just a dream and then have it rebuffed.  If someone in my dream said it was real then it must be real.

I ran around like a mad woman, giving into the fact that this was indeed my wedding day and it was turning out terribly.  Thankfully I didn't have to hold it together much longer because I soon woke up.  The whole thing was awful!  I am still 9 months away from the wedding and hopefully the dreams will not get worse. 

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