Sometimes a Fantasy

I know I am getting ahead of myself because I haven't even shared our venue with you yet but I wanted to talk about the decor that didn't happen.  When I first started looking at wedding porn there were so many things that I wanted.  Looking at all those delicious weddings can be completely overwhelming and definitely set up unrealistic expectations for me.  I finally had to quit cold turkey.  Not before I completely fell in love with Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling though! 
Image via Fete Event Planning
Image via Luna Bazaar
Isn't this just completely gorg!?!  Haven't not (yet) spent a lot of time obsessing over weddings, I thought it was the most original idea I had ever seen and had to have it at my wedding.  As time went on the list of things I HAD to have at the wedding grew longer and longer.  I think we are now up to 27 things I have to have at the wedding which is entirely too much. 

Sadly I realized with our venue, hanging the lanterns would be almost logistically impossible.  There is zero room in the budget to hire someone to do it.  I suppose I could always convince friends and family to hang them the day of the wedding but it could take hours and I want them to enjoy the day as well.  Besides I don't even know if the venue would allow us to hang things from the ceiling.  I am definitely hiring a DoC but there are so many other projects I am hoping she will set up that this one just fell off the priority list.  It is still nice to look at pictures and dream though. 
Image via Heather Gilson/ One Love Photography
Image via Big Wedding Tiny Budget/Photo via NE Sound
Image via To Suit Your Fancy
Image via NE Sound

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