What Have I Done to Deserve This

Our first wedding fail!  We sent our save the dates this weekend (which I can't wait to share!) and they started arriving to the lucky guests last night.  As almost all STD's do, ours had directions to our website for more information.  This morning I go to check on our website and find this: 
Cue sad trombone sound effect... wha, wha, wha.  What happened to all of our beautiful formating?  Our carefully chosen color scheme?  Now it looks like a website you made when you were in 8th grade.  Damn you, WeddingWire!  Of course they choose the one day to go down when all of our guests could be potentially looking at our website.  I am confident though that everyone rushed to their computer last night as soon as they got their STD's.

I can't even show you what our wedding website is supposed to look like because it is still not up and running again.  Hopefully this is not the way that all of our wedding plans will go.  Maybe this will be our first and only hiccup in the planning process.  A girl can dream.  

It is what it is.

Thank you Jesus!  The website came back up and here is what it supposed to look like:
Beautiful!  That box up top contains our names and wedding date.
 Hopefully I didn't use my only miracle of the week and we still get a day off school tomorrow.

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  1. i went to the website right after getting the STD (cant you think of a better name???? lol) and the color scheme was there