Sandwiched Together: Hello?!

Hello Hive!

I am back.  Did you miss me?!

I know what you are thinking.... "I missed you so much it almost hurts, who are you again?"

Fair enough. 

I am Mrs. Cucumber Sandwich.  Mr. Cuke Sammie asked me to marry him in our kitchen on a Saturday morning.   After calling my parents and my sisters to tell them the exciting news of our engagement, my third phone call was to our dream venue.  I searched for a dress and did Running of the Brides (so awesome!)  Mr. Cuke Sammie and I traveled to Cape May to take pictures for our postcard Save the Dates.  I started working on all the details: cookie table, milk glass, chalkboard table numbers and menu, burlap table runners, floral inspirations and the wedding website.  We planned and attended wedding events like our engagement photo shoot, my bridal shower at the race track, our pig roast rehearsal dinner, and menu tasting.  I worked on my invitations including a guest appearance by our puppy and a homemade wedding map.  Mr. Cucumber Sandwich and I made some big wedding decisions like which traditions we wanted, our officiants, the things I wanted that didn't make the cut, and if we wanted a wedding coordinator.  I kept it all together with my superior organization skills.... ha!

Still with me? And now that you are totally caught up, you may wonder where I have been.  Well after deciding that I was done with school I changed my mind and have gone back to get yet another degree.
Mr. CS and me at my master's graduation
And more importantly, we have a little addition to the Cucumber family.

Photo from the lovely Mrs. Candy Corn
personal photo
personal photo

Photo from the lovely Mrs. Candy Corn
 So I know there is no excuse for my almost three year absence but if you start to get irritated just look at that adorable face and forgive me.

I am a bee on the other side so let me know what is most beneficial for you!  Do you want a budget breakdown, a vendor review, a regrets list or just pictures, pictures, pictures and more pictures?!

Let the recaps begin!

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