Sandwiched Together: Beauty Base Zero

The big day final arrived!  I popped out of bed at a reasonable 5:15am and wrote my last weddingbee post as a Misses.  Then off to get even more beautiful.

As you may remember, I was super excited about getting ready in Congress Hall.  I order a tiny breakfast spread and waited for my ladies and stylist.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking of my pre wedding 'getting ready' experience.... but in reality it has been three years and I really don't remember much :)

All photos courtesy of the amazing and wonderful Girl Photography

I told Mia that my inspiration for my hairstyle was 'playful ballerina'.  Of course this required a demonstration of my ballerina skills to go along with my ballerina hairstyle.

My fabulous orange shoes
Meanwhile across the street Mr. CS was getting ready too.

Love his orange tie

Isn't he dashing :)

Our flowers arrived from Manic Botanic

*Don't worry I will include lots of pretty flower pictures later*

Mr. CS and I exchanged wedding day presents.  Even though I don't think it was necessary it was very fun to have a gift exchange with Mr. CS.  It was a nice little reminder that I was thinking of him and he was thinking of me.

Boxer cuff links in honor of our pickle puppy

Before I knew it, I was slipping into my dress and off to our first look.  Lets check in with our guests, shall we?
personal photo
personal photo
personal photo

I put MamaCS's family to work and made them put together the cookie jars for our cookie table.  They are the best!  I also love that I got to see what they were doing while I got ready via our flickr site. 

Up next: Our first look!

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