Sandwiched Together: Mawwiage

Onward and upward to the whole purpose of this lavish weekend.... the wedding ceremony.

After our first look, we took a couple of minutes to take pictures with the rest of our family and our bridal party.

All photos by the lovely and inspiring Girl Photography

Our guests gathered in the courtyard of Congress Hall and perused the programs, signed our 'postcard guest book, grabbed a handkerchief, and picked up their place card.

Soon it was time for me to make my grand entrance  for Mr. CS and myself to get married.

Our officiants make their way down the aisle
Mr CS waiting patiently

In an effort to calm my nerves, PapaCS kept repeating all the way down the aisle 'her mother and I do' (the typical response to who gives this woman away?) even though I told him multiple times that line was not in our ceremony.  So silly!

And we were ready for the ceremony to begin.  Side note: the guests all faced in towards Congress Hall instead of out to the ocean.  I would have loved for them to face the ocean but Daniella (our DOC) helpfully pointed out that if they faced the ocean then they would be staring into the sun.  Fun for no one!  Something to consider when planning the orientation of your wedding guests.  

Coming up next: Ceremony Wording

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