Sandwiched Together: On the Way to Cape May

As most destination brides can attest, it is seriously nerve wracking to pack up all your wedding materials and pray you didn't forget something.  I was having some severe wedding nightmares that I would arrive in Cape May without my programs, rings, menus, cookie jars, pretty much everything.

I started packing up my collections about a week in advance and wrote the contents of the box on the outside.  I also made a list of everything we needed broken down by event to keep it organized and checked it off as we loaded up the car.  I think this saved my sanity a bit (Mr. CS will probably say differently).
Packing list broken down by event

List for our DOC and everything we needed to retrieve after wedding

After making my list and checking it twice, we headed to the Cape May/Lewes Ferry with BIL and SIL.
Fooling around on the ferry

We had a couple of things to do in Cape May so we arrived on Thursday (the wedding was Sunday).  It was the perfect amount of time.  

We picked up buckets of popcorn to leave at rental houses as 'welcome bags' for our guests.
Popcorn house... go there!
Then we headed to the courthouse to pick up our marriage license.
So excited.
On Thursday night we had a nice quiet dinner with BIL & SIL and my parents at our house.  It was relaxing to spend some quality time with both families before all the crazy began. 

Most of our families arrived on Friday afternoon so we had an informal dinner at the Cape May Lobster House for anyone who was in town.  We sat on the back porch and ate some seafood.  Great decision because we got to see people who had already arrived and it was informal enough that people could come and go.

Back porch of the lobster house
What the porch looks like in the daylight {via}
Up next: We rehearse and one of my favorite wedding decisions.

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