Sandwiched Together: Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best wedding decisions we made was to have a Flickr account for guests to upload their photos.  I made some business cards through vistaprint for really cheap and our wedding coordinator put them at each guest's seat.

Front of the business card; back was directions to the website
I remember other bees saying they didn't get a whole lot of photos but I think putting them at each seat really helped with the amount we received.

Almost all of these next pictures come from guests photos.  I was way too frazzled to take any pictures myself and it was wonderful to see what our guests were up to all weekend while Mr. CS and I were busy.

Leisurely days at the beach soon gave way to a hectic 48 hours.  On the day of the rehearsal I went with a couple of bridesmaids and cousins to get our nails done.  Then back to the house to give commands  gently ask my favorite aunts and uncles for help with some last minute wedding tasks.

Don't they look so motivated
They revolted
Before I knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle... for fake.
Gathering in the lobby
Me, Papa CS and our fantastic coordinator Daniella!
CS sisters are hams!
Our coordinator Daniella was all business and fantastic!  Getting us to rehearse was similar to herding cats and she did an amazing job.  I think we were in and out in about 20 minutes.  But everyone knew exactly what they were doing and all questions were answered. 

Off to the fun!  As previously mentioned, we decided to rent a house in Cape May and host a Pig Roast for all our guests.
Perfect porch for a pig roast!
Did I mention the day before the wedding was also my birthday?
Our guests explored Cape May and found a yard sale.  Stuffed birds make a perfect birthday gift
The pig, all gone!
Our guests raved! about the pig roast.  Pappy's Pigs did a wonderful job of setting everything up and taking it all away.  I didn't have to worry about a thing which makes for a happy bride.

Around 10pm, I decided to leave to get my beauty rest and according to guest's photos this is what happened.....

I am so glad that our guests had a great time hanging out together even if I missed the fun.  Mr. CS and I hoped that everyone would have a wonderful weekend and maybe see a wedding in-between.  Mission accomplished!

Up next: I attempt to get even more beautiful :)

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