Sandwiched Together: Video Proof!

We have a video!  I was going to wait a while to show it to you but I have low impulse control so here it is: 

I was a little nervous about using WedIt for our video.  I had dreams of beautifully edited and filmed masterpieces and I knew that was not what I was going to get with flip cameras and non-professionals*.   

HOWEVER, I could not be happy with our video!  When you combine the price and the quality it is a no-brainer situation.  The wedit team was amazing!  I received all 5 flip cameras promptly before the wedding.  After the wedding all I had to do was throw them back in the box and stick on the prepaid mailing label.  Of course I lost the label and had to call for a new one but they just laughed and said it happened all the time.  Within minutes I had a new label in my email inbox!  

We went with the higher priced package so that we could get the 2 minute 'trailer'.  I will admit the primary reason we got the trailer is so I could post it here on the hive!  But it has been great to show people because who honestly wants to sit through someone else's 60 minute wedding video.  I haven't even watched my own 60 minute video yet because I have been too busy playing and replaying my trailer.  Oh and another example of the wedit team awesomeness is they made changes to the trailer after I told them there were certain sections I was not crazy about and our first dance was missing.  Amazing!  

Ok, my infomercial for wedit is over but to summarize... I love, love, love my video and if you are thinking about using them (or a similar service) DO IT!  

Anyone else shocked at how much they love their video after they thought they didn't need one?  Good experiences or bad experiences with these flipcam services?   

*for anyone not in the know; wedit is a service that sends you flip cameras for your guests to record/video and then you send them back and they edit it together

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