Sandwiched Together: First Look

"The one where I almost ruin my make-up"

Mr. CS and I decided to have a first look.  Well actually, I decided to have a first look and needed to use my powers of persuasion to convince Mr. CS.  I had a couple reasons for doing a first look (1. amazing photos, 2. getting to spend some alone time with Mr. CS, 3. hanging out with our guests during cocktail hour 4. did I mention the photos?) but the one that convinced Mr. CS was: getting to eat our bloody mary oyster shooters at cocktail hour.  Hey, whatever works!

Age before beauty so Mr. CS got into place and I walked towards him.

All photos courtesy of the impeccably talented Girl Photography

After the first look we had a little bit of time to take some couples portraits.

being silly

I loved having a first look.  It was perfect getting to spend some quiet, alone time with Mr. CS on our wedding day before the madness of the ceremony and reception.  Even though we were 'posing' for photos we still got to talk about the start of our day and our excitement about the upcoming wedding. 

I know some people forgo the first look because they want to see their spouse for the first time coming down the aisle.  I don't think having the first look in anyway diminished the anticipation and love I felt walking down the aisle and seeing Mr. CS.

Coming up: The Ceremony

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