Winning a Battle, Losing the War

We last left off with our difficult (for him, not for me) decision where to have our wedding.  Having it in Cape May, NJ seemed obvious when we looked at our criteria for our wedding location.  He wanted something by the beach and I wanted it to be at an obtainable destination for our guests.  Almost everyone will have to travel to our wedding but I don’t think it will impose a huge burden on our guests to get there (time will tell though, I am sure).  Since we are having our wedding in a beach town, it seemed natural that our theme would be beachy or nautical.  Even though I had always imagined getting married at our venue, I never dreamed of seashells or sand dollars as part of our decor. 
Beautiful! But not us (Image via by Jenna Walker)
 I think those things can be lovely for different weddings but it was not something I imagined for my own.  We like the beach and even contemplated getting married on the beach but having it as part of the decor didn't seem ‘like us’.  

I am almost worried that people will get to the CucSandwich wedding and say ‘where is the sand, where are the shells’.  Or perhaps they will think that I missed an opportunity to have starfish as my escort cards. For a while I flirted with the idea of some nautical elements.  There were visions of a map here and a compass there but Mr. CucSandwich quickly nixed those thoughts when I showed him a set up.

Love it! (Image via by Millie Holloman )
Image via by Amelia Lyon 
His response was “but we don’t know how to sail nor have we ever been”.  So it seems like we are on the same page about having decor that makes sense to who we are.  I am hoping that everything at our wedding will be meaningful and not just because I think it looks pretty.  Although I will probably find a way to justify it as having meaning even if it doesn’t....

‘Oh table bunting.... don’t you remember on our third date we watched a movie with table bunting and I mentioned how cute I thought it was?!  No?  Well I did.’  ‘Milk glass?  Don’t you remember when we went to that restaurant for an important milestone in our relationship and the restaurant had milk glass?!  No?  Well it happened.’

Does your wedding have a theme?  How did you come up with it?

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