The Heart of the Matter

Now that I have gotten ahead of myself by introducing you to our puppy first, let me rewind and allow you to meet Lemon Puppy’s parents!  
nice to meet you too

Mr. LP and I met during/after college.  I was during, he was after.  For a while we were just friends but then I accepted a job working in a nearby department at said University.  The friendship turned into him begging me to go out with him and he finally wore me down (just kidding Mr. LP; kisses).  Our first date was a cute little bookstore in downtown DC.  I told Mr. LP of course I know where it is, trying to act cool, but ultimately had no idea where it was and to take a cab what ending up being only 6 blocks from my house.  He ordered chocolate beer off of a recommendation from the waitress and of course neither one of us wanted to admit it was disgusting.  The rest, as they say, is history!  

Mr. LP and I are different but go together like eggs and ketchup (have I mentioned yet that we L.O.V.E breakfast sandwiches and would eat them at every meal if I let us).  He grew up near the coal mines of West Virginia and I am a suburbanite from just outside Philadelphia.  He likes to get a ‘feeling’ about something and I am a researcher/list maker!  He loves sports and I love Peyton Manning (only because he is cute).  I can fall asleep at 9:00pm; 8:30 on a good night and Mr. LP can stay up late.  
doing what I do best

For every difference we have though there are things that bring us together and make us perfect for each other.  I can’t think of a better evening than Mr. LP snuggled up on the couch with me and the lemon (see first post) watching a movie.  He inspires me to do/be better and I know I do the same for him.  

We are planning an Oct. 2011 wedding in a NJ shore town without a seashell/sand dollar/anchor in sight.  I am hoping to pull off a fall wedding without a fall theme and a beach wedding without a beach theme.  Lets see how it goes!

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