Typical Friday Night

*If you are easily grossed out this might be the post for you.*

Lemon Puppy strikes again!  In typical Friday night fashion, the Lemon Puppy family is home enjoying the night on the couch.  The Lemon Puppy got a rawhide bone that she had been working on for the last two days.  She finally worked it down to the bottom 1/8th of the bone.  We should have been paying attention and took it away from her but that would not have made a good story for my blog.  

All of a sudden we hear a giant gulp.  Mr. LP and I both look at each other in horror.  Did she just swallow the rest of that bone?!?!  Our fears are confirmed when we see her coughing and stumbling around looking like this: 

Even the LemonPuppy has too much birthday fun!

She is stumbling all over the place and starts throwing up trying to get the bone out.  Mr. LP and I are running around alternating between trying to save the rugs and trying to save the dog.  While I run for towels, Mr. LP is attempting to get the Lemon Puppy off the rug because she is throwing up everywhere.  Finally in a moment of clarity I yell at him "Forget the rug, you are going to have to reach in there a pull it out!".  Better him than me ;) 

Luckily it works and Mr. LP is able to dislodge the bone allowing her to get it down.  She swallows a couple of times and the goes back to take over the couch like nothing had happened.  Meanwhile she left a trail of grossness all over the living room and dining room.

Who me?  But I am too cute
Oh Lemon Puppy.  It is never a dull night with you around!

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