Winning a Battle, Losing the War

I always thought the theme of a wedding was ‘wedding!’.  At least that is what I wanted for my wedding theme.  Now after being completely absorbed into the bridal blogosphere I realize  how naive I was/am. 
CucSandwich Wedding Theme possibility?! (Image via
Even Mama CS is hammering it home that we need a theme.  Our most recent conversation went a little like this:

Mama CS: “So I saw the cutest idea at another wedding.  You should have sand dollars or starfish attached to your escort cards!”

Me (reverting to my typical teenage response): Meh

Mama CS: “What?!?!  I thought that was cute.”

Me: “I don’t really want any beachy stuff like shells”

Mama CS: “Well then why are you getting married at the beach?”

Interesting question!  Before I talk about our wedding theme I should probably fill you in on how we picked our wedding location since neither our families nor the CucSandwiches live there.  We chose our wedding location by compromising.  (We are so going to make it as a married couple!). 

Mr. Cucumber Sammie wanted to get married on a distant tropic island on the beach.  But I felt guilty making people travel that far just to see us get married.  Plus it would be hard to get my 60 person immediate family to an island.  Perhaps I would have felt differently if I wasn’t the oldest of my family and one of the oldest of my cousins.  It will be the first wedding on Mama CS’s side of the family and I want to make sure everyone can attend.  I knew Mr. Cucumber Sammie wanted to get married by the beach (why? I have no idea, you will have to ask him), so I suggested Cape May, NJ. 

Cape May is where my family always went for vacation.  Growing up outside Philadelphia, everyone went ‘down the shore’ over the summer and the CucSandwich family is no exception.  Forget what you have seen on Mtv though, Cape May is nothing like the rest of the Jersey Shore.  Take a look:
Jersey Shore (Image via Mtv/Photo by Scott Gries)
Cape May (Image via Front Porch Ideas and More)
Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Image via Monaco Motel)

Cape May Boardwalk (Image via JF Althouse)
After a couple of visits to my childhood summer vacation spot, Mr. Cucumber Sammie decided with my gentle guidance that it would be the perfect spot for our wedding.  Yay for us!  We have a wedding location.  Choosing the venue is a whole other battle, delightful way for us to work as a team.  Don't even get me started on a theme.

So what does this long story have to do with our wedding theme or lack there of?  You will just have to stay tuned to find out.

Has anyone else had a stereotype of their wedding location they had to overcome?  Or did you just give in and GTL (gym, tan, laundry)?

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