Some Kind of Miracle

I have the best Aunts in the whole wide world.  The other day I came home to this:
What could it be?!?!

I don't think I ordered anything but sometimes I have shopping amnesia.  I guess I will open it right here on the porch because I am A) too lazy to drag them inside and B) too excited!

Pickle Sandwich is so helpful.  More than likely though she is trying to eat those packing peanuts and is going to get sick.  Any ideas about what it could be?

After all the packing peanuts and bubble wrap were cleared, this is what I am left with: 

MILK GLASS!  I now have tons of milk glass to use for our centerpieces.  All different sizes and shapes.  I had casually mentioned to my favorite aunt (unless anyone else is reading and then you are my favorite) that I wanted to use milk glass and she delivered!!  All my ATL aunts went on a milk glass scavenger hunt and sent me a miracle.

Like I said, I have the best Aunts in the whole wide world!

Anyone else have wedding help through unexpected places?

*all personal photographs

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  1. i think we might've been separated at birth...i wanted to use milk glass for my centerpieces too! the task of collecting the pieces was too daunting and i gave up! your aunts are awesome! :)