I'm Back!

Dear Ladies (and Dad),
How are you?  I am fine.  I have been very busy.  I have missed you.  Have you missed me?

Today I have been a married lady for exactly 4 months!  Where has the time gone? It has been so long since I posted.  I was so excited after the wedding to have my life back.  No more projects, no more phone calls to vendors and no more wedding obsession.  I was completely unprepared for going back to 'real life'.  I had put off doing so many things pre-wedding that it felt like it all came crashing down around me post-wedding.  My house looked like a ribbon/burlap bomb had gone off.  Laundry seemed like it hadn't been done in months.  My email inbox was in complete disarray.  I had a whole closet of chalkboard paint and card stock.  Don't even get me started on all the wedding stuff I brought back from Cape May!  And I had a huge pile wedding gifts that I had to find 'a home' for in the house somewhere.

Not to justify my behavior but another reason I was gone so long was that it is kind of hard to look back.  Don't get me wrong, I loved, loved, loved my wedding but now I am sad that it is over.  I guess I had a touch of the post wedding blues. 

 Having just now crawled out from under all the things I put off, I am ready to start posting again!  I can't wait to start my recaps and share all the wedding goodness with you.  We finally booked our honeymoon and I am so irrational excited.  Want a hint? 
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 Married bees; did you feel like everything you put off came back to bite you after the wedding?  Let's hear honeymoon destinations because now I have a one track mind!!

Mrs. Cucumber Sandwich

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