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It has taken me three posts and two weeks to finish telling you about our honeymoon.  As the cast of 16 & Pregnant should have said... 'it is time to wrap this up'.  (p.s. I am so excited for the new season.  It is where I get all of my future parenting tips). 

The Cucumber Sandwiches are going on a MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE!!  We will be embarking on a 13 day at sea adventure.  What really sold me on the cruise idea was getting to visit all these different countries without having to pack and unpack my bags!  Yes, I am lazy.  

Our first stop....
{Image via Traveldk}
Barcelona!  We fly into Barcelona and have about 24 hours to explore the city before we board the ship and depart for....
{Hotel France Travel}
Toulon, France! I have never heard of it but if it is good enough for Brangelina, it is good enough for me!  I am just hoping to get some macarons and then all will be right with the world. 
{Yahoo Travel}
Next we whisk off to Florence/Pisa, Italy.  My understanding is the port is in between the two cities so we have to pick which one we go to.  I have been to Florence so I am leaning towards Pisa (haha!) but I can be swayed either way. 
{Trevi Fountain by National Geographic}
Rome is next and there is just so much to see here that I don't know how we will ever decide.  The Vatican, The Spanish Steps, gelato, the fountains.  It is going to be a whirl wind.
{Friendly Planet Travel}
One of the big reasons we picked this particular cruise was because it traveled around the 'boot' of Italy and we got to see some ports in the eastern Mediterranean.  Our next port and the one I am most excited about is Mykonos, Greece.
{Blue Mosque via TripAdvisor}
Onward and upward to Istanbul, Turkey.  I am definitely going to have to do some research on this area because I have no idea where to even begin.
One last stop is Athens, Greece.  I think this is the port that the Mister is looking forward to the most. 

Then Mr. Cuke Sammie and I will be sad because our trip is coming to an end.  Our final stop and departure port is Venice.  We will board a plane from there back to the US.  Hopefully we will still be able to fit in our non-elastic waist pants when we return.

Any tips for cruise travel or the above listed ports?!?

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