Adventures in Mini-mooning

Before I talk about our upcoming honeymoon I wanted to mention the honeymoon we already had.  Mr. Cucumber Sammie and I decided to take a minimoon right after the wedding but we hadn't decided where.  Mr. CS really wanted to pick the place himself and have it be a surprise.  Well he decided, we went and now I will recap it for you in timeline form!

Monday Oct. 10th (day after the wedding)
11:00am: Take ferry from Cape May to undisclosed mini-moon vacation

3:30pm: Arrive at hotel.... Surprise!  It is the Chesapeake Bay Hyatt!

I Had the Time of My Life :  wedding cape may honeymoon Hotel H 
4:00pm: Check-In and head up to the room
4:27pm: Open Wedding Gifts
5:02pm: Cry Uncontrollable About My Parents Generous Gift
5:24pm: Order Room Service
6:58pm: Pass Out
Tuesday Oct. 11th
9:00am: Wake Up!

11:31am: Realize It Is Finally Time to Drag Myself From the Bed After Several Hours of Morning Shows

11:37am: Contemplate Showering; Decide Against It

11:40am: Walk Around the Hotel Grounds

12:33pm: Take a Nap

2:19pm: Drive Into 'Town' To Check Out Dinner Options

4:30pm: Order Room Service Again

8:58pm: Pass Out

Wednesday Oct. 12th
1:30AM: Awaken to Mr. CS Having Severe Stomach Pains

2:30AM: Drive Him To the ER

6:30AM: Finally Released from Hospital After Doctors Decide It Is Colitis

7:01am: Arrive Back at Hotel and Promptly Fall Asleep

10:35am: Pack Up and Check Out of Hotel Room To Go Home!

And there you have it!  Our mini-moon in a nutshell.  Mr. CS has recovered nicely after his little bout with colitis and I am so thankful that we were not in the jungles of Costa Rica (or any other foreign country) when this happened.  On the bright side it was very thrilling to say I was his wife and be able to sign all of his medical papers at the ER.
{The only picture I took on the mini-moon}
The mini-moon was just the right amount of time to recuperate after the wedding!  I am so glad we took those couple of days.  And now we have a full honeymoon to be able to plan without the added stress of the wedding.

Anyone else take a big gap between your wedding and honeymoon?  Other honeymoon disasters?


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  1. Oh. my. goodness. I didn't know about this!! Wow!! What a way to spend your mini-moon! In all seriousness, though, a few days of straight sleeping after all the crazy wedding planning (and then execution!) doesn't sound half bad! Glad Mr. CS is better!!