Playin' the Ponies

When the lovely Sammie Sisters said they wanted to throw me a shower, they asked if I had any ideas.  Well that is a silly question......of course I have ideas!  I casually threw out suggestions of various places around Philly that I thought would provide a fun atmosphere.  Subtly was my middle name.

I immediately sent an email titled 'shower locations'.  Subtly was out the window.  On my short list was a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School or Clean Your Plate, perhaps a party in the Please Touch Museum, or a delightful tea in the Morris Arboretum.  Unfortunately my best idea was yet to come.  Would you like a hint?
What could that be in the background?  Need a bigger hint?

We went to the Philadelphia Race Track to play the ponies!  I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but the racetrack is actually a Cucumber Sammie family tradition.  We used to go every year for Mother's Day when I was little.  Placing our $2 bets on a horse solely because of their name.  I guess times really haven't changed.

The divine Sammie Sisters (and MamaCS) sent out invitations for my 'Wear Your Wedding White' racetrack shower.  Everyone was encouraged to wear white and I tried to make it like the Kentucky Derby by wearing a fascinator.  I am apparently the only one who got that memo. 

The racetrack had a picnic area that was first come, first serve.  On the day of the shower Papa CS graciously volunteered to be at the track when it opened to snag us an area.  He is a trooper!
Picnic area and wearing our whites!
When everyone arrived they received a folding fan and a money pouch with six $2 bills to make bets.  Guests could mill around between the betting house, the track and the picnic area for some food.
BM Egg Salad with her adorable baby
Cheering one the horses
$9 win!  She is rolling in the dough
My Aunt B studying the program like a 'bookie'
After some heavy betting it was time to open presents.
Ahhh the shirt!
I received many, many generous gifts but the funniest was the 'sperm shirt'.  This shirt has been in PapaCS's family for years (maybe since 1976).  PapaCS's sister received the shirt as a birthday present and the minute she opened it her brothers shouted that the squiggly things on the shirt looked like sperm.  The shirt then got passed around from family member to family member in unsuspecting gifts.  Christmas, birthdays, housewarming gift.... nobody was safe.  You never know when the shirt will be hidden in your gift.  The legend of the shirt goes that if you receive this shirt you are the next in line to have a baby.  As soon as I opened the shirt there were shrieks of laughter from all of my aunts!  I have put that shirt in a very safe, far away place waiting until I can gift it to someone else.

After the presents were opened I practiced walking down the aisle with my ribbon bouquet.
And placed some more bets!
 And ate some Petit Fours...
Played a quick game.  Sammie sister read a story about how Mr. CS and I met.  The story was filled with rights and lefts (for example; Mr. CS knew Ms. CS was the right girl, right away but left it up to chance.).  There was a mystery gift that got passed around the circle and whenever she said left it went left and when she said right it went right.  The person holding the gift at the end got to keep it.  It was very adorable.  Then sadly it was time to go.  But first a family picture with 3 generations of Cucumber Sammie women!
The shower was amazing and the Sammie Sisters (and MamaCS) did a fantastic job.  It is exactly what I envisioned.  A fun afternoon with good food and a side of 'sperm shirt'!

Did you do anything somewhat unusual for your shower?  Any ideas on how I could cleverly gift the shirt to some unsuspecting victim?

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  1. so fun! wish i could've made it. ps, i HEART the fascinator.