Chalkboards and Table Numbers

It is amazing the clarity that comes with having only a limited amount of time left for DIY details.  Originally I had envisioned all kinds of options for my table numbers.  Time has not been my friend though and I am down the the wire.  Just like that I was able to decide what I wanted to do with the table numbers in only about 20 minutes.  Who knows what I might have accomplished had I had this clarity early in the game?!? 

I had ventured over to my local craft store one day and picked up about 20 of these babies. 

For only a $1, they were perfect.  I knew I wanted to do chalkboards but I had no idea how I wanted to 'decorate' the outside frame.  I thought about leaving it plain and going with the 'faux' wood look.  I contemplated wrapping white or blue ribbon around the frame.  I thought about painting the frame either white or navy blue.  Finally I had the fleeting idea to cover it in burlap but that idea was gone as soon as it started. 

Normally I am as indecisive as they come.  But as we get closer to W-day I am able to make decisions in less than a day.  Yesterday I decided to paint the frames white and bing, bam, boom it was done.  I know, I shock myself too!
Mid painting
Chalkboard spray paint
I got some chalkboard spray paint from the local craft store and sprayed away.  And the final product:
The chalkboard part is a little too clean/shiny for a chalkboard so I thinking about smudging it up a bit with some chalk dust.  Perhaps people won't get it though and think it is just dirty. 

Now I just have to figure out how to get them to Cape May without smearing.  I am thinking about wrapping them in saran-wrap in hopes they won't smudge.  I guess I could always chalk the numbers on once we get to Cape May but I have to do our menu and a couple of other signs in chalk too.  I think waiting until we get there would put too much work on the days before the wedding.

All in all the project cost me about $23 for 18 table numbers.  Can't get any better!  I am so glad that I was able to strap on my lady balls, make a decision about this and knock it out.

Any ideas on how to transport chalk signs without smudging them?  Any projects you surprised yourself by being decisive?

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