I know my calculus

...... it says u + me = us!  (please tell me someone else remembers that song)

Our RSVP date was this weekend so lets bring on the numbers!

Total Guests Invited: 177
# of Yes: 95 (53%)
# of No: 33 (18%)
# missing: 52 (29%)

To be fair that is not 52 RSVP cards that we have to track down, it is more like 25 families/couples.  I have a lot of phone calls to make but if I had to give my best, most educated guess..... I believe we are going to have 120 people at the wedding.  Perfection!

Since everyone is coming from out of town that statistic won't really help you (100%).  I could give you the break down of the Ms. Cucumber Sandwich RSVP response rate vs. Mr. Cucumber Sandwich RSVP response rate but that would just be cruel.  Lets just say about 90% of the RSVPs missing belong to him.  Oops, I guess I just let the cat out of the bag.

I don't really have any pictures for this post but I did want to share some of the amazing advice we received from family and friends.  If you remember from our invites, we asked for their words of wisdom.  Boy did they deliver!

Some were very practical:
"Make each other laugh"
"Use Crayola bathtub crayons in the shower to leave funny or romantic notes for each other"
"Separate blankets"
"Always take a vacation, just the two of you, every year.  Even if is only for a couple days"
"If you have to fight, fight naked.  It won't last as long"

Some made us think:
"Argue without fighting"
"Time stands still best in the moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life"

Others were funny:
"I will pass along the wisdom that Grandad gave my husband when we were married in 1981:  NO BACKS!"
"Mr. CS- Honor your wife always and give our son a raise; Ms. CS: Honor your husband only if he gives our son a raise" -from the parents of one of Mr. CS's co-workers
"Never let your spouse go to bed angry (you're defenseless when you sleep)"
"Being the husband to a school counselor has to be the greatest honor on earth!" -my school counseling buddy

A common theme was I am always right:
"Ms. CS: Always let Mr. CS think it was his idea first; Mr. CS: Know that Ms. CS is humoring you"
"1. Your wife is always right  2. In the event your wife is wrong, see rule #1"

Some were creative:
"Congress Hall is yellow, 
The bridesmaids will wear blue, 
Here is some advice for the two of you: 
Go interesting places
Have lots of friends
Plan fun things together
And the love never ends!"
-Mama CS (and a little tweaking from PapaCS)

And finally one made me cry:
"Don't worry about achieving the perfect marriage ~ just enjoy those exquisitely blissful moments that will surprise you when you least expect them..... his gentle kiss....her sweet smile... baby's first giggle... and the joy in knowing that on October X, 2011 you both did something quite extraordinary, together."

What is the best marriage advice you have received?  Any thoughts on how I can preserve/display these gems?

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