Moving on Up

The Cucumber Sandwiches have made their way to court house and are ready to make it official!
So giddy and excited!  Let's get this show on the road and get licensed already.  But first pose for another picture.
With Wawa coffee and birth certificates in hand, the Cucumber Sammies and Sister Sammie were ready to get the marriage license.

I left the logistics of how to get the marriage license up to Mr. Cucumber Sammie.  He made us an appointment at Cape May Court House.  If your eyes are really good you may notice we are posing in front of Cape May County Court House.  Whah, whah.  Those are two different places apparently.  By the time we figured this out we were running late and had to hustle our bustle back to Cape May Court House.  Lets just say it is funny now but not so much at the time.

We were able to file for our marriage license more than 30 days in advance but we have to go back to pick it up before the wedding.  The good news is that anyone can go get it in the days leading up to the wedding.  I smell a job for Sammie Sister!

Did you have any snafus when picking up your marriage license?  Did they ask you multiple times if you were related or is that just because Mr. Cuke Sammie is from West Virginia (just kidding sweetie, I love you!)?


  1. LOL no they didn't ask us multiple times if we were related -but they did ask us once. But glad you got to the right place and got your certificate no problem!

  2. They asked if you were related!?! I've never heard of that!
    No snafus in Nebraska like that even... lol!