Sandwiched Together: Party Time!

Let the good times roll!  Our wedding party made their grand entrance into the reception and it was time to party.  

All photos unless otherwise noted by the staggering Girl Photography

 Mr. CS and I decided to take dance lessons for our first dance (but shhh because we told all our guests that it was natural).  We did a package of about 8 lessons at an Arthur Murray dance studio.  We provided them with our first dance song and they worked on a beginners dance for us.  It was a really fun break to all the crazy wedding planning and I think we definitely impressed our guests!

personal photo
personal photo
One of the decisions we made was telling our wedding party to sit down after they were introduced.  It was a minuscule detail but it allowed more guests to be able to see our first dance and the wedding party didn't have to stand awkwardly while we paraded around the dance floor.

After our first dance we had a blessing from our priest and the toasts for the Cuke Sammie Sisters and Mr. CS's Uncle.

 The Cuke Sammie Sister's toast had some roast like qualities and all I have to say is payback is a witch :)

After the break we will take a look at the only reception tradition that Mr. CS and I opted to partake in and we get our groove on.

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