Sandwiched Together: Get Your Groove On

Mr. CS and I were on the same page about what reception traditions we wanted to incorporate.  We wanted to not take away from the endless party which was about to occur.  We felt like by asking people to leave the dance floor either for dances or garter toss, it would make it more difficult to get people back to shaking their bon bons.

Mr. CS and I decided to only do a father/daughter dance and the cake cutting.

All photos courtesy of the extraordinary Girl Photography 

We had the father/daughter dance while people were eating the first course so there would be limited activity in the center ring.

Time to shake a leg!

We actually don't have that many pictures of people dancing.  Our photographers left soon after the cake was cut.  As Nicole so eloquently put it "nobody looks good as the night goes on".  Truer words were never spoken.  We needed just a couple of happy party people and leave the rest of debauchery up to memory.  

One tip we heard about hosting a nonstop party is that people will be on the dance floor as long as the bride and groom are there.  Mr. CS and I tried our best to be the first and the last people on the floor so that all the guests would join in!

And now we have reached the end of our wedding night :(  We did a little clean up, collected our mementos and headed up to the hotel suite. 

Coming up is a post devoted entirely pretty, pretty pictures!

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