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Being able to count down to the wedding in days or even hours instead of weeks has really lit a fire under my ass.  I have been knocking out projects left and right.  Up until about 2 weeks ago, I was completely avoiding wedding tasks at all costs.  And now I am a DIY machine (well not quite).  I was really worried when I hit the wedding 'slump' that I would never recover.  I am happy to report from the other side of the 'slump' that you definitely get your momentum back!

I am loving the way my chalkboard menu turned out so I wanted to share with the hive!  It was a really easy and cost effective project.  We decided to use one giant menu instead of individual menus and since our table numbers were chalkboards I figured why mess with a good thing?

I had an old frame laying around that I painted in our wedding color of navy.  Sorry I am a terrible blogger bee and forgot to take a before picture.  Then I sprayed the backing of the frame with our handy chalkboard spray paint.  My handwriting is atrocious so I decided to use the tried and true method of tracing! 

Tracing on a chalkboard is just the same as the pencil and trace method.  First I thoroughly covered the back of my computer printed letters with chalk.  Then I traced the front side with a pen.  Voila!  Instant perfect penmanship.
Here we are about half way through the tracing process.  You can see that some letters are lighter than others.  After tracing the words, I went over them with a 'chalk' marker.  Yeah, I didn't know they made these either.  With the marker I don't have to worry about smudging the lettering on the trek to Cape May.  Winning!

Many grueling minutes later I was finished and popped that bad boy in it's frame.
So beautious!  We decided to leave the background of the menu a little 'chalky' because it gives it more of a natural feel.  What is that frame next to it you ask?  Well it is our 'just take any seat because we don't have ushers' sign.
It says: Two Families are Becoming One.  We invite you to select a seat not a side.  I wish I could take credit for the adorable wording but I 'borrowed' it from Mrs. Hyena and Mrs. Hippo!

I am so excited to move on from these two projects because they have been hanging over my head for months!

Any projects you are looking forward to getting off your to do list?  Still trying to bounce back from the mid engagement slump?

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  1. Great idea!! and even easier when you tell us whow to do iy with computer printed charcters!! :D