On the Way to Cape May

Like a kid at Christmas time, I woke up at 5am ready to go because today is the today!  I am enjoying my last few minutes of calm before I climb in the car to Congress Hall.  It is almost cliche at this point to say but I can't believe how quickly we got here, from engagement day to wedding day.  I am ready for this.  I am ready for our new life to begin as Mr. and MRS Cucumber Sandwich.

This post is difficult to write because I am trying to find just the right words to say how much the hive has meant to me over this last couple of months.  I don't think I can ever say thank you enough for sharing your thoughts, inspiration and weddings with me.  But thank you!  It has truly been an honor to be here, surrounded by such amazing women.

To my friends and famiily; thank you so much for dealing with my crazy.  I can't wait to party tonight!
{Our last picture as Mr and Miss}
Mr. Cucumber Sandwich, in a few short hours I am going to stand up in front of everyone and tell you in person how much you mean to me and how much I adore every second I get to spend with you.  For now I will keep it simple.... I love you.

See you on the other side!
Miss Cucumber Sammie

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