Sanwiched Together

We did it!  I am officially a wife and Mr. Cucumber Sandwich is my husband.  It is still so surreal to say (or type). 

The wedding day was absolutely perfect.  But I am saving all the details for my recaps!  I will tease you with one photo though.....
{Girl Photography}
There are so many things I have to share with you, hive.  The minimoon, last minute DIYs, our welcome party/birthday party, Mr. CS and my gift swap.  Hopefully these will tie you over until I get my photographs back and can start my recaps. I will give one spoiler alert: the wedding went off without a hitch.

One thing I was surprised about though was how weepy I was the day after the wedding.  I was fully prepared to have a melt down before the wedding and even to cry on wedding day but I was not ready for the tears that came last Monday.  I cried when Papa CS hugged Mr. CS.  I got misty when I didn't get to say goodbye to my Atlanta family before they left.  I teared up again when Mr. CS asked me why I looked like I was crying earlier in the day.  And finally I sobbed when I opened MamaCS and PapaCS's wedding present to us.  My tear ducts were working overtime.  It was as if my emotional floodgates had opened and I had lost all control.  I was happy, I was sad, I was tired and I was content all rolled into one.

Thankfully after many long hours on the couch watching Real Housewives of NJ, I feel as though I have recovered and am ready to dive right in.  Ok, ok, stop begging.  I will show you one more picture.
{Guest Photo}
Married bees; were you surprised at how emotional you were the day after the wedding?  Congratulations to anyone else who got married last weekend!!


  1. Really beautiful & hope it was a great day in life. Congrats & keep that smile going forever.